Managing your finances can be difficult, and sometimes, we need a bit of help in that department. Be it for advice, techniques, accountability, or inspiration, we could probably all use someone in our lives who knows a bit about finance. Luckily, in this day and age, this advice is at your fingertips and you don’t need to seek the expertise of a financing professional. There are numerous personal finance blogs out there, and some of them can contribute valuable information and help you out on your own personal finance journey. Here are 5 personal finance blogs that you need to follow in 2018.

1. The Young Money Blog

What it is: The financial reality of our generation and the next one is quite a bit different than that of our parents. The Young Money Blog deals with these differences and the challenges young people face with their finances. The blog was started by Iona Bain, a speaker and freelance journalist who is often asked to speak on assorted topics related to youth and finances. The posts on the blog feature summaries of these talks, as well as advice on money management, careers, pensions, stock market, housing, and everything else related to finances that a young person needs to know.

Why you need to follow it: As part of the younger generation, your struggles are new and you may be ill-equipped to deal with them. No one teaches us how to face the problem of unaffordable housing, shrinking pensions, and the ever-growing cost of education and child-rearing. This blog can help you out if you have no idea where to start.

2. Miss Thrifty Blog

What it isMiss Thrifty Blog is a space for people who are on a budget. It’s a personal finance blog that also delves into lifestyle, and imparts knowledge and tips on how to make a budget work for you and use it effectively. The blog aims to show the reader how they can save some money, but also that living on a budget doesn’t have to be as limiting as it seems, and that you can still travel, redecorate your house, shop, etc.

Why you need to follow it: Let’s be honest – a lot of us are living on a budget. Especially if you’re a student, recent graduate, or just trying to make it on your own out there, money is tight and we need ways to work around that. A collection of tips and advice like Miss Thrifty Blog can be invaluable to you while trying to set up your own budget and learn how to stick to it while also enjoying normal, everyday life things.

3.Magical Penny

What it is: Who doesn’t need to pinch some pennies? That’s exactly what Adam Piplica thought when he launched Magical Penny, a blog he uses as a means to improve and built upon his knowledge of finance while pursuing a goal of becoming a financial advisor. On his journey, he provides helpful tips for readers on savings, business, debt, property, tax, spending money, investing money, and other financial topics.

Why you need to follow it: If you’re interested in growing your savings or otherwise stretching your pennies as far as they go, this blog should serve as a great guide.

4. Be Clever With Your Cash

What it is: Like the name says, this blog will inspire you and encourage you to Be Clever With Your Cash. Andy Webb is all about spending his money wisely and being conscious about where he leaves his pennies and for what, and he aims to teach his readers to do the same.

Why you need to follow it: We could all make more of an effort to spend our money more efficiently and more cleverly to get the most bang for our buck.

5. The Frugal Cottage

What it is: More and more people are living a frugal life, whether due to necessity or as a lifestyle choice in order to facilitate other financial liberties. The Frugal Cottage walks you through a collection of useful tips and tricks on frugality, how to live a frugal life without suffering any deprivation, etc. It even has information about investing, living on a limited income, surviving on maternity leave payment, and other situations where your income is not exactly plentiful.

Why you need to follow it: If you’re on a fixed income or a student, you probably need this in your life. And even if you’re not, and you spend excessively, it can act as a humbling experience and a good financial reality check to practice living with less. You’d be surprised at how “normal” your life can be, even living frugally.

All in all, if personal finance is something you’re struggling with, these 5 blogs can really provide you with some ideas and valuable tips moving forward. Whatever your needs are, you’re sure to find some helpful advice.

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