5 High Earning Professions That are The Most Likely to Get You into Debt

Most people are already aware of the types of factors that are most likely to make you more prone to getting into debt, these things usually depend on characteristics such as your age, income, whether or not you have children and whether or not you happen to be fortunate to own your own home. However, […]

What is Financial Infidelity? and How You Should Protect Yourself

If you have a joint bank account, credit card or joint finances with your partner, have you ever thought to ask yourself how well you know what your partner’s spending habits are, and whether you would be able to account for all of your bills, debts and withdrawals? If you, like to 51% of people […]

Money Detox? How Changing your Money Mindset Could Help you to Get Rich in 2019

Is it time for a money detox? Just like our daily diets, sometimes our money habits need to be re-assessed and adjusted for the greater good. If you have entered 2019 with the wrong money mindset, chances are that you will grapple with financial troubles throughout the year. Unless you change your mindset that is! […]

Where is the cheapest place to buy a house within the UK?

Being a home-owner comes at quite a large a cost. Let’s face it, finding cheap places to live nowadays can be a challenge. If you are hunting for the cheapest place to buy a house in the UK, we have some surprising news for you! According to statistics released by the Nationwide House Price Index at the […]

Can I Get A Quick Loan With Bad Credit?

Bad credit? Are quick loans an option that’s available to you? Quick loans are perfect if you have a financial emergency and you need money immediately, but is your poor credit score going to stand in your way? Let’s find out. Check Your Credit Score Check before you apply Whenever you want to apply for a loan […]

The Best Ways to Spend and Save at Christmas

Although it may seem a little bit early to start talking about Christmas now, I can assure you that the festive season will soon be upon us before we all know it. We’re all aware of what a significant expense Christmas can be for some, especially if you’ve got children, a large family or even […]

How to Borrow Money Quickly in an Emergency

It’s happened to all of us; unfortunately boilers break, vehicles break down, and home repairs are needed at the worst possible times, especially when it’s been an expensive month, and you may not have the cash to spare for the cost of repairs. If you’ve got no money, no time to spare and an emergency […]

Are Payday Loans Still Popular Among Borrowers?

Years ago, payday loans were the primary way of borrowing money, during a time when there weren’t nearly as many loan options as there are now. And especially with how many people make liberal use of credit cards nowadays, it’s certainly tempting to think that payday loans have fallen out of favour. But have they, […]

11 Intuitive Ways to Make Extra Cash When You Need Money Fast

In today’s world things are now moving faster than ever before, thanks to the emergence of things such as smartphones and the internet. And since time means money, what you sometimes need in a fast-paced world is a fast and clever way to make a little extra money. Long-term investing opportunities and savings accounts are […]

The 8 Bad Habits That Are Costing You Money and How to Break Them

The Oxford Dictionary defines a habit as being: A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Most of our habits are considered bad because they encourage us to develop poor health or to be lazy, but have you ever considered that some habits you aren’t even aware of could be […]