In today’s world things are now moving faster than ever before, thanks to the emergence of things such as smartphones and the internet. And since time means money, what you sometimes need in a fast-paced world is a fast and clever way to make a little extra money. Long-term investing opportunities and savings accounts are undoubtedly great and can be extremely rewarding in the long run, but if you’re looking for ways to make extra cash to improve your personal finances now, whether you are hoping to spend or save your money, then that probably doesn’t help much. Instead, let’s take a look at all the clever ways you can make extra money fast, so that you can use this cash now, or reinvest it for the future in the hopes of making even more.

So, without any further delay, here’s our best tips on how you can make money fast.

1. Purchase investment pieces

You can invest in much more than just jewellery; there are various commodities that appreciate in value significantly, and quickly. Now, while you won’t get money overnight from this, you should see a return on your investment in around 1 to 5 years. This works on assets such as property, certain batches of toys and memorabilia, such as Lego sets or vintage Star Wars toys, and even designer handbags. Prices rise even every few months on these, and you can make a nice profit after just a few years of holding onto a design classic, like a Chanel, Hermès or a Birkin. Although this isn’t quite quick cash and won’t make you money fast, it is a great investment and way to make extra cash, which could see you turning over a bit of money as a rather nice profit. Who knew that earning money could be so fashionable?

2. Purchase limited-edition items

Similarly, if you have the opportunity to buy other certain limited-edition or sort after items, then the chances are that you will probably see a big payday on eBay a few days after shops or online stores run out of stock from this side hustle. You would be shocked at how much people are willing to pay for something they can’t get anywhere else, so you’re sure to make some extra money from that one opportunity. You might actually be surprised at how much it elevates the value of the item because it’s so rare, hard to get or simply just out of stock. Who knows, you could be set to earn a lot of money from just one limited additon item!

3. Make money off your empty house

If you’re away from home often – on business trips, holidays, or just weekends away – then why not take advantage of your empty home and earn money off of it? AirBnb is a straightforward way to earn some extra cash and is also pretty simple to set up. All you have to do is sign up for AirBnb and you can open up your house for strangers in need of accommodation while you’re away. Just give them access to the house you wouldn’t be using anyway, and watch that extra money pile up in your bank account.

4. Complete online surveys to make money fast

Are you sitting at home doing nothing while sending out CVs to any relevant company and waiting to hear back for a job opportunity? Then why not maximise the potential of that time and earn money online all by just completing some surveys in your spare time! You’ll find that they only take a few minutes to complete and survey companies can pay you in either small sums of money or in gift cards. All you have to do to get started is sign up to a few websites, such as Survey Junkie with your email address, fill out a few personal details about your age, background and lifestyle and they will be able to send you any available surveys that they think will be relevant to you. It’s pretty much free money!

5. Take strangers for a ride

If you’re making a trip down to London, or another big city such as Manchester or Edinburgh for example, why not take a stranger or two? Not hitchhikers, people who are looking for – and willing to pay for – the service. Driving and offering lifts is a great side hustle to help you to earn some cash. You’ll be able to earn money by offering your services to such companies as Uber and Lyft, and you can opt to just drive people around whenever you’re free in order to make money quickly.

6. Sell things you no longer use

Do you have a ton of clothes you no longer wear? Mismatched furniture you’re looking to get rid of? Your old housemate’s stuff that they dumped at your house? Or even old toys and baby clothes that your children have grown out of? If you put it up online and get even just a few quid for each item, you still have a bit more extra cash than you did before, plus you get rid of your junk. And it can add up to a nice amount, once everything is said and done. Make sure to get the money through PayPal for safe transfer.

7. Use a skill you’re good at

Truly think about it and ask yourself – what are you really good at? Do you enjoy baking? Are you a budding artist who’s talented at drawing? Do you work with your hands and could make furniture to order? Make really good jewellery? Or are you simply just good at and enjoy making people laugh? No matter what it is, it’s a skill you can probably market and sell to people as a side hustle which will help you to make money online, whether it is a service or a product you can provide someone with. Look into getting set up on places like Etsy or other freelancing websites and start offering your available services and products to customers who are willing to pay for them.

8. Participate in market research

Another great side hustle and easy way to earn cash is by getting yourself involved in participating in surveys. You can start making quick cash online for just stating your opinions and talking about your own personal experiences, so it’s one sure way to get quick cash. In fact, by getting involved in taking surveys can be a potential goldmine, because you get to try out some products first before you talk about them – and you’ll get paid for it! Most marketing research companies will allow you to sign up online with your personal details and email address and will ask you what sort of research you are interested in getting involved in. You’ll then be sent products or review your own experiences and get paid for it.

9. House-sit or pet-sit for people

It’s everyone’s dream to get paid to do nothing, right? Well, there might be a side-gig for you – house sitting or pet sitting for friends or family. Making quick money by looking after someone’s house or apartment is much easier and less demanding than babysitting, as it requires fewer qualifications, and it involves a much lower level of risk. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to be paid to sit around in someone’s house watching TV, watering their plants, and making sure no one breaks in.

And if you like animals, then why not consider looking after other people’s pets as another option for making money quickly. A lot of pets don’t require a lot of looking after, while you may have to walk a dog a few times a day or , if you look after someone’s cat or even their fish, all they may require you to do is feed them, so it won’t always involve lots of looking after.

10. Start a blog

Got some spare time on your hand and find that you’re quite partial to a bit of writing? Then why not consider starting your own blog. All you need to do is invest some of your free time into creating content on whatever you’re interested in or passionate about (just make sure you’ll be able to publish a lot of content about your subject) and create yourself a few social media profiles and you’re well away.

There are plenty of money-making opportunities and perks out there for bloggers, such as AdSense from the advertisements on your website, partnerships, sponsors and freebies. So why not start writing about what you’re passionate about and see if it could be a good way to earn you some cash.

11. Sell your photos

Whether you’re a keen photographer, or just feel that you’ve been lucky and have taken a few fantastic photos that you’d like to share, then why not sell them and make a profit. You can use websites such as Shutterstock and iStock to sell your photos. All you have to do is set yourself up with an account to become a contributor and upload your photos that you’re willing to share. People will then be able to download your photos to use on their own websites and web pages, and every time someone downloads your photo, you’ll get some money.

So, what are you waiting for?

As you can see, if you’re in need of some money, then there are plenty of ways out there for you to make it! Use these ideas as a lucrative side hustle, full-time occupations, or just a way to pass the time while you’re in between job opportunities to improve your personal finances as a good way to make earn some cash. Whatever you intend to do with your money, whether you want to have more money to spend or whether you just wish to save money, these are 11 sure ways to make money fast.