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Cash Loans - When Would They Come In Handy?

Cash loans are unsecured loans you get in cash. They are popular because you can get them fairly quickly and a payday cash loan like this can help out a lot of people stuck in financial predicaments. How do cash loans work? Simple - you apply to get approved and you should be able to get your loan quickly, in cash, to be repaid in instalments. But let's learn more about them, shall we?

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Top Reasons For Cash Loans

A cash loan can be a very helpful financing tool to use, so there are numerous reasons why one would want to get an instant cash loan. Different people will have different needs and desires, but they can all benefit from a cash loan, in one way or another. Let's look at some of the most common reasons why people seek to get cash loans.


Unfortunately, financial emergencies happen to all of us, and they can rarely be avoided or prevented. You just have to find a quick way to deal with them effectively, and sometimes, that means getting a quick cash loan that can help you cover these immediate expenses. Whether you need to make an emergency trip to the dentist, cover an expensive car repair, or an extensive urgent home renovation, a cash loan can give you access to the money you need quickly and with minimal faff or paperwork. You just have to look for instant cash loans and you can leave with your money on the same day you apply.

Everyday expenses

With the cost of living constantly rising and wages decreasing, more and more people find that they can no longer afford to make ends meet month to month. Understandably, that creates a feeling of lack of security and apprehensiveness, as people strive to find a solution for their financial difficulties. An instant cash loan can solve a lot of these issues, at least temporarily, while you search for a more permanent fix. It can take the pressure off you immediately, and give you some time to breathe without the stress of not being able to afford tomorrow.

How Quick Can I Get A Cash Loan?

Fortunately, one of the biggest advantages of cash loans is the fact that you can get one fairly quickly, which makes it an excellent financing solution for when you're in a hurry or find yourself in an emergency. Traditional loans can take forever to process, but an instant cash loan is, like the name says, pretty much instant. Here is what you can expect in terms of time line, from a cash loan application:

  1. Applying - The fastest and easiest way to apply is to do it online, because you only have to fill out a quick form. Otherwise, you can also apply in person, on the high-street. In the initial stage, you only need to provide some preliminary information, so they can do a pre-approval assessment.
  2. Pre-approval - They should be able to let you know if you are eligible instantly, or within about 10 minutes. The full assessment of the application can also only take minutes, depending on the time of day when you apply.
  3. Approval and finalising the application - Once you provide all the necessary documentation requested, you can be fully approved and on your way to getting the loan.
  4. Receiving the money - Some companies say they will send you the money within 10 minutes, but when you receive it depends on whether you apply in person and can walk out with the cash, or if you need to wait for bank processing.

When Might It Be Best To Avoid A Cash Loan?

Like all financing options - and most things in life - cash loans have advantages, but they also have drawbacks, or things that you might want to look out for. Is there any situation when you should avoid a cash loan? Let's talk a bit about that.

  • Avoid a cash loan when you can't afford it - It should go without saying that no one should take out a loan that they cannot afford to repay. Not only will it mess up your credit rating, but it can also land you into serious financial trouble. Payday cash loans are known to come with a high interest rate, so make sure you can pay it before committing to one.
  • Avoid a cash loan when you need more money - Cash loans, for all of their advantages, do not offer fabulous amounts of money. They're good if you need £1000 that you can pay off relatively quickly, but if you're in need of more, then a secured loan that offers more money might be better suited to your needs.
  • Avoid a cash loan when you're not in a hurry - One of the biggest benefits of an instant cash loan is that you can get it very quickly. However, you pay for the convenience with the high interest rate. If you don't need the money urgently, it might make more financial sense to wait for a different kind of unsecured loan.
  • Avoid a cash loan when your credit rating isn't stellar - Instant cash loans come with a high interest rate, but that rate will be even higher if you are trying to borrow with bad credit. If you are struggling with your credit rating, perhaps Equifax can help you learn more about it and how to increase it.

In conclusion, a cash loan can come in handy in a variety of scenarios and in numerous different ways, but only if it is the right financing option for you. Carefully review the PROs and CONs of cash loans and determine whether it's something that would make financial sense for your particular situation.

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